Share what you do with confidence, and watch people beg to give you their money.

Become your own boss.
Start the business of your dreams.
Support your family without working at a job that you hate.
Set your schedule and make 6 figures (or more) just by being yourself.

Your story is valuable and can be monetized

I'll prove it to you 

You’re one content piece away from your dream client.
You’re one Instagram carousel away from changing someone’s life.
You’re one vulnerable TikTok away from being invited onto the Dr. Phil show (yes, it me.)

Yas, Bitch!
save my spot. I'm comin'!

I know you want to do
big things with your life

I KNOW you would love to make money doing something you're absolutely obsessed with.

I know these things because you’re here, and if you’ve gotten this far, you're probably a driven, ambitious GO-getter destined for greatness tbh.

So, let's think for a sec.

One of the most accessible storytelling tools we have is creating content on social media.

It allows us to:

  • Practice this work in public (necessary because it’s when stakes are high that we lean back on old habits… psssst *people-pleasing*)
  • Share stories anytime because your phone is always readily available.
  • Benefit from the exposure both in terms of visibility and the growth you’ll experience when revealing yourself vulnerably.

You've seen how many people are using social media to create life-changing opportunities for themselves daily.

But when you scroll... it seems everyone knows exactly what they're doing when they jump on camera to record.

So, why the fuk does it feel so terrible for you?

Take a breath, my sweet angel, because I can't stand to see you perplexed any longer.

I'd love to make this all a LOT easier for you.

Then, let’s do this thing.

Would that be ok with you?

The only thing between you and guaranteed progress
toward your goals is one big red button.

If someone offered you the foolproof process to creating content without fear of judgment or worrying about what people would say…

would you say no because it meant you’d have to stop hiding?

Go from Lost to posting
consistently & comfortably
In less than 2 hours a week

In ONE week of Office Hours, you'll feel how possible it is to create authentic content that attracts the aligned audience of your dreams. With 8 hours of access to me every month, you’ll be making content that FEELS GOOD and attracts the aligned audience of your dreams.

All that?! What a steal.
 Grabbing my credit card now.

A Membership with:

  • High touch, custom, personal support from me. 

  • An individual and unique approach crafted for every member.

  • AND therapy provided twice a month.

"Holy shit. No one's ever done that before."

You're right. They haven't. Until now.

what's inside the membership

From brand messaging and storytelling to structuring impactful content pieces, this is my done-in-under-two-hours-a-week Membership with personal access to me.

How you'll level up


People Pleasing & Authenticity

Let's face it... Part of the reason you're struggling to create the content is the fear of what other people think and how you'll be perceived once you put yourself out there. I get it. I dealt with this for YEARS.

The good news? I can guide you through it.

Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will I be right there next to you holding your hand? Also, always, yes.


Mindset & Limiting beliefs

I want to help you make money using social media... and preferably a lot of it. 

This journey takes time. Lots of limiting beliefs will come up as you break out of your comfort zone. This is something we address weekly in Office Hours. I'm happy to give you a dose of tough love when you need it, a helpful metaphor, or just a compassionate space for you.

You deserve to move forward without the weight of what you once let limit you on your shoulders.


How to make your storytelling impactful

You're a natural storyteller, and if you don't believe that yet, then I'm looking forward to proving you wrong. 

Being an excellent storyteller takes believing that your story matters and is worth being heard and THEN having the tools necessary to express your thoughts as purposefully as possible.

I will give you the belief that you CAN and the tools so you DO.


Short-Form Content structuring

Ohhh yes. That's right. I'm coming at you with a fail-proof, foolproof recipe for constructing all of your short-form content -- and not just TikToks! What I'll teach you can be used for tweets, IG carousels, LinkedIn posts, etc. I want you to be prepared for any platform you want to join... especially in light of CERTAIN apps being banned *rolls eyes so big they fall out of my head*.

Having these exercises in your back pocket means you'll never run out of content ideas again, because you’ll feel fully secure in HOW to tell your stories at any moment.


How to subtly hide your offer in your content (Never sell again)

You hate the idea of selling on social because it feels so icky and cringe when you see other people do it. (Yeah, well, those people are probably not in this Membership then, are they?) 

I don't ever want you to feel like you have to sell your product, your offer, or yourself ever again. But I do want you to SELL and convert a ton. How can we have both?

I will teach you how to bury your offer into your stories in a way that actually feels GOOD to tell people about what you do. If selling became something you just did inherently in your storytelling, imagine how much more comfortable you'd be showing up in your space.



This is what it ALL builds to. Once you've learned the foundations of storytelling and how to navigate structuring content, then it's all about implementing my signature mix of AUTHENTICITY + STRATEGY. Feel like you don't truly understand either of those things? No problem. Then you're like MOST folks before they joined the JHW Membership.

This is something we'll revisit time and time again in Office Hours so I can give you individualized systems and approaches to your content creation that help you produce pieces that build your personal brand consciously and effectively.

This is the secret sauce behind building a community of people that follow you for YOU and will buy from you because they know, like, and trust you.

J Baby!! Stop teasing.
This all sounds so good. LEt's do it.

If I describe you then You have to join, I don't make the rules. Oh wait. 

You want to:
  • Do BIG things with your life and business
  • Learn how to story tell better on social media
  • Show up more confidently on camera (or at ALL)
  • Figure out how to be a real human again on social platforms
  • Feel safe posting things other than what feels "relevant" to a niche
  • Finally nail that bio and intro in your pieces without feeling like you're bragging
  • Monetize your platform while staying true to yourself

Limiting Beliefs we’ll be replacing ASAP:

“Why am I even doing this? Who do I think I am?”
“No one cares about my story.”
“Someone’s said it before me and better than me.”
“The algorithm is against me; I'm shadow banned.”
“If I don’t niche down on social media, then I can’t grow.”
"I don't give off interesting energy. Who will want to listen to me?"
"You have to be conventionally attractive to build a following, and I'm way too insecure to be on camera."

empowering you to use social media as your secret weapon

I care far less about helping you GROW your social media and more about helping YOU grow using social media. See the difference?

(Although account growth is almost always
a benefit of the work I do with my clients)

I help distill your stories and break down the energetics behind the tools in your human toolbox, allowing you to show up as your most purposeful and consciously chosen version of self on social and in life.

I want to help you gather the puzzle pieces of your life and show you how they fit together. 

I want to give you the shortcut to finding your authenticity and showing up with confidence in yourself and your story.

Sound like a lot? Starting to get a little scared?
Let me break it down for you.
For all my visual learners out there...
did I mention I have a TEDx Talk?

This is not a
tiktok membership

It’s an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for learning how to tell your story on social media in a way that makes you feel powerful and capable of taking up more space.

Show up with confidence in your life as you never have before.
I’ll teach you everything about how social media has allowed me to show up more in my life. 
I've used these skills in my relationships. 
I've used them everywhere.

This immersive experience has been built from the ground up for the creative dreamer whose story feels like a puzzle with too many pieces that don’t fit together

Omg enough foreplay at this point.
Let's seal the deal.



Q. 01

How much access do I really get to Justin?

A. 01

It's a great question my turtle dove. I'm not giving you my social security number if that's what you're asking.

BUT, here's what you do get:

  • 2 hours of 1:1 style attention from Office Hours twice a week.
  • The opportunity to drop a question for me ANY time in 'Justin Q&A'.
  • The chance to get feedback on content, a hook, a script, your bio, etc. in 'Content Feedback'.
  • A relationship we foster together over time so I can assist you EVEN more specifically.

Q. 02

What kind of customized feedback can I expect in the Membership?

A. 02

The only limits are your imagination.

I've straight up written pieces for members before, I've done bio audits, I've just hyped people up when they need it.

I'm here for you on your journey as it unfolds. And as I get more familiar with you and your content, the more crafted and custom my advice and feedback can be. That is a huge incentive for coming to Office Hours and being an involved member: the more you participate, the more I can help you, and the faster your growth will be!

Q. 03

How is this different than a 1:1 with Justin?

A. 03

A 1:1 with me is a deep-dive on your content with me fitting as much as I can into one hour of time with you.

This is not as private, but it's so many more hours with me.

My rate for a 1:1 is over 6x what one month in the Membership will cost you -- and in one month in the Membership, you'll have 8 hours of in-person time with me.

To me it's a no-brainer. We overdeliver here at JHW, but that's because I want to build a foundation of members who are obsessed with their experience and invested in joining something that will continue to grow and evolve for them as time goes on.

The level of feedback and advice from me is no less custom in the Membership... it just has to do with the level of privacy in access to me.

Q. 04

Do memebers get any benefits if they want to work with Justin more?

A. 04

Oh heck yeah!

First of all, being in the Membership means that you and I will spend so much more time together than any of my other clients. The inherent benefits to this are my ability to help YOU, to really know you and what's going on in your life. I've formed some wonderful relationships with the members in JHW.

Additionally, you'll get the most transparent BTS peek at everything Justin Schuman. I'll reveal how I plan and make my content, my tips and tricks for socials, and how I've built multiple businesses by leveraging my own personal brand.

And last, but not least, you'll get discounted 1:1 sessions with me at a price that's 25% off what non-members pay! And we will prioritize you in my calendar.

Q. 05

Is any idea or content script that Justin gives to me mine to use?

A. 05

Omg, yes! Can you imagine if we were brainstorming and I came up with your perfect intro that married your credibility, experience, and humor and then said NO. IT MINE.

I. Would. Never. My. Queen.

If I craft something especially for you then I will almost always say right after, "Take it! Run with it! Steal it." 

I am only here to build you up and supply you with what you need to succeed.

Q. 06

What's the anticipated time investment I can expect to spend in the Membership?

A. 06

Such a good question.

If you were to attend both Office Hours each week (highly recommended) and spend even 5 minutes every other day in the Membership asking your questions and participating in beautiful discussions with other members...

You could expect to be in JHW for less than 2.5 hours a week and still see incredible results.

However, if we're having a special masterclass or it's a week with Dr. Janine therapy (which, holy SHIT, you cannot miss out on) then you might want to allot an extra hour to soak up even more goodness.

(Oh! And if you can't make an event like Office Hours or a special guest session, we record EVERY single Zoom and upload them to the platform. You can then watch whenever it's convenient for you.)

Actual footage of me coming up with a content piece off the top of my head.

Imagine me writing a piece for you that could sell out your offer.

The Just Human Well


by Justin Schuman

A high-touch membership built to give you the transformation from LOST to strategically sharing yourself on social media in as little time as possible.

  • 2 hours of 1:1-style coaching in a group setting with Justin (Value $700)
  • 2 hours of therapy and facilitation with Dr. Janine Kreft (Value $800)
  • 2+ hours of exclusive educational material on Storytelling and Social Media (Value $199)
  • In-depth feedback from me on your content in the 'Content Feedback' space on the community platform (Value $347)
  • Your questions answered ANYtime in 'Justin Q&A' Space on the platform (Value $97)


This membership will eventually cost well over $150 a month

Today's price = $67

I'm shivering with antici-
Pation (rocky horror anyone?)

proof that what i teach works

When I joined JHW like 3 months ago, I had a lot ideas about what I wanted to be creating on social media but zero direction....

This community changed that in 3 short months. I just am so happy to be here and wanted to share this little success of mine. I've had this urge to start doing this but I just couldn't quite envision it 3 months ago.

So thank you Justin Schuman and everyone else who has supported me thus far!

Lisa b.

I’m so proud of myself that I did the thing and went for it and it turned out so much better than I could’ve imagined. 

I'm already hyped up so I hope this story hypes someone else up - post the nervous draft! Make your content even when it’s terrifying and you think people are going to think you’re weird! 

Jamie C.

Justin gave me the permission to unapologetically bring all of these aspects of myself to my creative work

He has completely reframed the way I now use my online platforms. My TikTok has grown heaps over the last few weeks and I now honestly don’t even care about the numbers, I’m just enjoying creating and exploring my authenticity.

Hannah W.

Justin seems very intuitive, and very interested in actually helping people
(vs--just cramming a million people into a membership and abandoning us).

I love that he is anti-niche and pro-whole-person and self. I have already found a lot of encouragement from the office hours I've watched after the fact, from his tiktok, etc. I have a sense that when I'm able to get his eyes on my content it will make a difference in how I present myself and help me move past some chronic questions I've had about how to shape my story. 

Devon A.

I hope you're ready to do this thing with me because I'm ready to do
this thing with you.

Yes. I made it all the way down here because I'm *that* bitch but I'm Finally ready.